Since it was established, KAISER DATA has been doing its best to find effective solutions to the problems and needs of its clients in the field of computer technology, computer networks, system and application program equipment and wireless communications. The company is, according to the business areas, divided into four relatively independent divisions, working separately.

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This division deals with complex supplies of information systems, i.e. projection, cabling, computer networks and system SW, a project, analysis and the implementation of program resources necessary to run company informa-tion systems and, of course, service support. In the field of speciality software, we implement program products of Microsoft Dynamics - NAV.


This division deals with supplies of information systems, i.e. computer networks and system SW, a project, analysis and the implementation of program resources necessary to run com-pany office systems. In the field of speciality software, we implement program product Lotus Notes and other IBM Software pro-ducts, what form a powerful tools for efficient office administration and management.


Using means of wireless communication includes a wide range of applications from simple wireless links between users and the internet junction, building fast data links (e.g. among several buildings in the town), to large inter-city private wireless infrastructures with mixed services (data signals, telephone links, video circuits, technical support, remote monitoring and control, etc.).


This division comprises deliveries of separate computers, peripheries, computer acces-sories and basic program equipment, com-pletion of computer configurations and delive-ries of small office computer networks. The division also has a strong service team, which provides our customers with an express and high quality service for our own technology and also technology of other suppliers.